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The Pornographer’s Daughter



On a recent trip back east to Rhode Island to visit my family, I was driving with my father and somehow started speaking of the Tenderloin, and he asked me if I ever heard of the Mitchell Brothers? I laughed and said “Uh yeah, I walk by it everyday and a good friend does makeup there!” He brought up the fact that he “heard” they did live sex shows there, and I decided to not press this topic any more with him, I didn’t need the visual of him in there, especially if I have to walk by that place all the time.

So last week as I was flipping through SF Weekly I noticed a short article written about an upcoming play that seemed like something worth checking out about the Mitchell brothers, (thanks Dad, I think!!) Friday night I attended that play at Z Below, part of the Z Space art workspace located in Mission. Z Space works with various disciplines of the arts including theater, dance, visual art, music and performance art. So this was totally a cute space to see the play “The Pornographer’s Daughter”.

Written and starred in by Liberty Bradford Mitchell, the eldest of all 6 of the Mitchell cousins and daughter to slain porn giant Artie Mitchell. Mitchell has an extremely unique point of view about the San Francisco porn giants as she discusses the burgeoning SF porn scene of the 70s and 80s and how her live was intertwined.

The 80 minute play touches upon everything from learning about puberty by Judy Blume, not her parents. To visiting her father’s office and her exposure to the intense movie sex scenes to the juxtaposing of summering with her mother’s WASP-y New England family. Where she was told never to speak of things of that subject matter. Ultimately wrapping up the play with the unfortunate murder of her father by his best friend and brother as well as her uncle, Jim Mitchell.

The show is augmented by photos of her family as well as some famous porn stars with a soundtrack of the 1960s all the way through the 1980s performed by the 3-piece man band The Fluffers (they were awesome and just as instrumental to making this play as dope as it is.)

I thought Liberty did a kick ass job performing in this play. It’s not easy putting your self out there, especially when 89.7% of the focus was on her. If you find yourself looking for something to do in the upcoming weekends and live in San Francisco, you should totally check this shit out, it’s awesome!


The Pornographer’s Daughter

Where: Z Below, 470 Florida Street

When: 8 p.m. Thursdays-Fridays, 8 and 10:30 p.m. Saturdays, 5 p.m. Sundays; closes Feb. 16

Tickets: $32



Guest Blogger Alert: Robert Shabazz of Bowties + Beer


Whenever anyone moves to San Francisco or is newly minted 21 years old, there is one crucial thing they must do: find a happy hour spot.  Not just any happy hour spot, YOUR happy hour spot.  I’ll admit that in this city, it’s not an easy task.  Price + food + selection + crowd + ambiance all play factors into a good experience that will make you want to come back.  It can also be intimidating.  There are just SO MANY bars in San Francisco.  For a city that is only seven miles by seven miles, it sure does pack a punch.  I’m going to give a forewarning, finding that bar that just fits will be a tedious, but believe me, once you find it, you’ll appreciate the adventure.

For now, may I make a suggestion in the mean time?  Housed on the corner of Ellis, right off of Powell, sits Puccini and Pinetti.    For the years, this place has been tried + proven to be a pretty surefire hit for any group of friends + coworkers I take.  While the Mission + Marina + Hayes Valley offer up some incredible spots, you can’t dismiss the locations in Union Square.  Despite being in the hub of the tourist hustle, Puccini and Pinetti still manages to maintain a pretty consistent flow of the San Francisco work force.

The happy hour fare is probably one of the cheapest tickets I’ve seen here.  And I don’t mean San Francisco cheap, just regular cheap.  The portions are hearty and the bartenders don’t skimp on the booze.  If it’s your first time, try the $5 margherita pizza + a plate of the $5 Parmesan fries + a $5 whiskey ginger.  Delicious + quick + affordable.  Or if you want to imagine you’re in the Mission on your lunch break, be shameless + enjoy a $3 PBR tall boy.

I have lived in San Francisco for nearly five years, so I’ve had some time to explore + judge + get a little tips at a good chunk of the scene.  But believe me, I’m always on the hunt.  So don’t be discouraged if nothing clicks right away.  In the mean time, give Puccini and Pinetti a try.  I guarantee you that you + your friends + coworkers will be happy you did.

Sunday Streets

A few weekends ago my friend Miranda and I decided to finally check out Sunday Streets. Which if you are unaware of what Sunday Streets is; ‘Sunday Streets are events that encourage recreation, community activities and fun in San Francisco. Sunday Streets closes stretches of city streets to automobile traffic, and opens them to people for several hours on a various Sundays throughout the year, so participants can enjoy a large, temporary, public space where they can bike, walk, run, dance, do yoga, or do any other physical activity.’

After an ahhhhhmazing brunch and a few mimosa’s at Foreign Cinema, which really is such a dope place for brunch. (BTW I totally recommend the Champagne truffle omelet, so so so good!!!) We headed out to Valencia to check it out. I’ve actually never seen anything like it in the 5 years of living in San Francisco.


There was nothing too crazy about it, just a bunch of people walking around with their friends or families. But there was TONS & TONS of people there.

The highlight of the day was running into my friend Jaime, who was dressed as a unicorn and doing some kind of fundraiser for the AIDS Lifecycle. It was a trip to see him out like that. Miranda hated the fact that I pointed out that she had the same hair as his mane! Love you Miranda!!!