Guest Blogger Alert: Robert Shabazz of Bowties + Beer


Whenever anyone moves to San Francisco or is newly minted 21 years old, there is one crucial thing they must do: find a happy hour spot.  Not just any happy hour spot, YOUR happy hour spot.  I’ll admit that in this city, it’s not an easy task.  Price + food + selection + crowd + ambiance all play factors into a good experience that will make you want to come back.  It can also be intimidating.  There are just SO MANY bars in San Francisco.  For a city that is only seven miles by seven miles, it sure does pack a punch.  I’m going to give a forewarning, finding that bar that just fits will be a tedious, but believe me, once you find it, you’ll appreciate the adventure.

For now, may I make a suggestion in the mean time?  Housed on the corner of Ellis, right off of Powell, sits Puccini and Pinetti.    For the years, this place has been tried + proven to be a pretty surefire hit for any group of friends + coworkers I take.  While the Mission + Marina + Hayes Valley offer up some incredible spots, you can’t dismiss the locations in Union Square.  Despite being in the hub of the tourist hustle, Puccini and Pinetti still manages to maintain a pretty consistent flow of the San Francisco work force.

The happy hour fare is probably one of the cheapest tickets I’ve seen here.  And I don’t mean San Francisco cheap, just regular cheap.  The portions are hearty and the bartenders don’t skimp on the booze.  If it’s your first time, try the $5 margherita pizza + a plate of the $5 Parmesan fries + a $5 whiskey ginger.  Delicious + quick + affordable.  Or if you want to imagine you’re in the Mission on your lunch break, be shameless + enjoy a $3 PBR tall boy.

I have lived in San Francisco for nearly five years, so I’ve had some time to explore + judge + get a little tips at a good chunk of the scene.  But believe me, I’m always on the hunt.  So don’t be discouraged if nothing clicks right away.  In the mean time, give Puccini and Pinetti a try.  I guarantee you that you + your friends + coworkers will be happy you did.


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