Webber, Roitfeld, Ambrosio and BIG ANG?

One of my favorite’s in the fashion game, who also happens to be an amazing stylist/editor/muse etc. Carine Roitfeld is releasing her second issue of her biannual glossy CR Fashion Book. Of course she can have her choice on anyone to work with, it is Carine after all. For the editorial Beso en Zanzibar’, she enlisted the help of Bruce Webber, Alessandra Ambrosio, other people and one of my current obsessions Big Ang from Mobwives and her own spin-off Big Ang.

Image ImageImageImageImageImage

images courtesy of http://www.telegraph.co.uk

I love that as many years as she’s been in the industry, Carine still has that gift of giving us the element of shock and surprise.  She’s on quite a publicity tour right now. As well as promoting her new issue, she has been speaking out about leaving Conde Nast, and about her new role at Harper’s Bazaar.



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