On The Come Up: Heather McDonald

A little thing like a blizzard wasn’t going to affect Academy of Art student, Heather McDonald from showing her first Autumn/Winter 2013 collection this season in New York City at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  I mean she certainly is used to that sort of weather, Heather originally hails from Calgary in Alberta, Canada. She attended the University of Toronto, gaining a bachelors degree in Biology and Anthropology.

She planned to become a forensic anthropologist, but quickly put that on the back burner and followed her craving into the world of fashion. She enrolled in the graduate Fashion and Knitwear Design program at the Academy of Art, in San Francisco, California.

Coming from that kind of background, it isn’t too shocking that Heather’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. 

Metropolis 01

Metropolis image courtesy of http://davidszondy.com/future/city/skyscraper.htm

By now we’ve all heard or seen this kind of architectural inspiration before from other designers, artist, influencers, etc. however Heather seems to really understand it better and it definitely shows.

This is McDonald’s debut nine-piece collection and it is off to an impressive start. McDonald clearly showed off her inspiration of Fritz Lang’s classic movie between humans and technology by creating severe and curvilinear silhouettes. Most of her collection had futuristic looks and exaggerated, structured shapes sauntering down the runway. The collection consisted of hues of blacks, charcoals and gunmetal with tiny hints of white. The dark pieces in Heather’s collection concentrated on angular silhouettes, with sheer and defined layer detailing underneath.

Metropolis also provides the observation on the status of the working class. Who could understand this more than a struggling fashion design student? McDonald incorporated this feature by using utilitarian fabrics such as heavy weight felted and flannel wools.  “I have always been inspired by the Orwellian tales of the proletariat trying to fight against oppression. My collection represents my version of the worker’s uniform,” she told FashionSchoolDaily.com.

Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Collections - Runway

Heather McDonalds A/W 2103 collection image courtesy www.fashionschooldaily.com


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